A.C.E. 3 in 1 Pro Waterworks Tool
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About The 3 in 1 Pro


The 3 in 1 Pro waterworks tool key also has a removable handle on either side to allow turning of the key when the tube is located adjacent to a post or fence, etc.  This is common during the construction phase of a house, when the plumber needs to water-test the plumbing.  The 3 in 1 Pro waterworks tool key enables you to access the valve even when access is limited.


This industrial strength tool is made of heavy duty steel, and is powder coated a bright yellow for easy visibility. 

Its compact design makes it easy to store virtually          anywhere, from a tool shed to behind the seat in a work truck.

The 3 in 1 Pro weighs 17 pounds, and extends to         approximately 68 inches with the 2” main water key           attached.


The A.C.E. 3 in 1 Pro is sold in Plumbing, Water Works, and Utility Stores across Northern California.




The 3 in 1 Pro is the answer to commercial needs, and we also offer a 3 in 1 Mini Pro, which is a compact version of the tool.  The Mini Pro is an extremely efficient disaster tool, in an emergency it will shut off your main gas and water in SECONDS, as well as other valves around the home. It is a HOUSEHOLD WORKHORSE. 
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